Teen Counseling


The teen years are filled with growing pains for child and parent alike. Teenagers are trying to assert their independence while facing the emotional struggles typical for their age. Parents are often mystified as they watch their teens change from compliant children to rebellious adolescents.

The transition from child to adult has always been tough, but the pressures in today’s world make it more difficult than ever. Teens may be exposed to the temptations of drugs, alcohol and sexual activity at earlier ages. While computers and cell phones have many benefits, they also may expose teens to dangerous predators, inappropriate internet sites and cyber-bullying. Today’s teens must learn to deal with normal emotional changes as well as growing societal pressures. Teen counseling might be something to consider if any of the below issues sound familiar to you.

Does your teen need help?
  • Emotional Struggles – Is your teenager anxious or depressed? Is your child moody, angry or irritable? Does your teen seem to cry a lot or stay isolated in his or her room? Does she have self-esteem issues?

  • Peer Problems – Does your child have trouble with friendships? Have there been problems with bullying? Does your teen need help with social skills?

  • School Issues – Have your teen’s grades dropped? Are there disciplinary problems with teachers? Does she say they don’t want to go to school?

  • Problems with Authority Figures – Is your teenager defiant or disrespectful to adults? Does your child engage in power struggles with teachers, parents, supervisors?

  • Family Troubles – Has your teen had trouble adjusting to a divorce, a blended family, a step-parent or multiple homes? Does your child act out aggressively with family members?

  • Problem Behaviors – Does your child abuse alcohol or drugs? Are there issues with sexual abuse, promiscuity, self-injury or eating disorders? Has your teen run away from home?

Parents and teens can work together to sort out the issues of adolescence. Through an expert teen therapist, teenagers can identify thinking patterns that are causing them problems and can learn to make better choices. They also can be taught how to eliminate self-destructive or inappropriate behaviors.

Through teen and adolescent counseling, your child can:
  • Develop better relationships with parents, friends and teachers

  • Learn how to resist peer pressure and choose friends wisely

  • Become happier; Handle emotional struggles more effectively

  • Make better decisions and learn to balance their responsibilities

  • Discover how to resolve conflicts without fighting

It is a difficult time to be a teen or to be the parent of one, but you can overcome the challenges with adolescent counseling. Licensed teen counselor Jamie Leonard can help you and your teen to navigate the rocky road of adolescence and pave the way to a happy, healthy future. Book an appointment today.

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