Online Counseling


Houston Counselor now offers Online Sessions through Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts. There may be times when you are unable to leave work, traveling for business, or just want to remain in the comfort of your own home. Online counseling provides an effective way to meet your personal needs, whether you prefer telephone or video chat.

Benefits of online counseling:
  • Eliminates the time spent traveling to the counselor’s office

  • Provides convenient access to conduct sessions anywhere you have phone access or wireless Internet

  • Does not require you to take time off from work

  • Clients who travel for business or pleasure can continue counseling without interruption

  • Flexibility in duration of session. Sometimes clients only need a 15-30 minute session.

Online counseling includes all the advantages of face-to-face sessions, with the quick and easy nature of talking over the phone. However, it is preferable that your initial session be conducted in person. Online counseling is best used as a supplement to face-to-face counseling. If you are interested in taking advantage of this option, feel free to discuss this with a counselor.Book an appointment today.